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Phantom of the Mall (or: "I was a Teenage Phantom")


PotO US National Tour (Little/Raab (alt)/Gleason) - 17 August 2003: The "What Marni Can Do with an Apple" Edition


Phantom Las Vegas 4 September 2006: The Double Dip Edition


Phantom Las Vegas (Barrett/Holden/Gleason) - 17 July 2007: The "Chandelier Seats Ought to Come with a Pair of Adult Diapers" Edition


Phantom Las Vegas (Barrett/Holden/Silverman) - 8 December 2007: The DeStudly Edition (or: "Raouls That I'd Go Gay For")


PotO US National Tour (Cudia/Grant (alt)/Barisich) - 7 December 2008: The "Full Contact Phantom" Edition


Phantom Las Vegas (Lackey (u/s)/Holden/Ragone) - 13 December 2008: The "Magificent MichaelLackey" Edition


International Phantom Fans Week - 16-20 September 2009


Phantom Las Vegas (Crivello/Hertzenberg (alt)/Ragone) - 16 September 2009


Phantom Las Vegas (Crivello/Holden/Ragone) - 17 September 2009


Phantom Las Vegas (Crivello/Holden/Ragone) - 19 September 2009


Phantom Las Vegas (Crivello/Holden/Ragone) - 30 April 2011


Phantom at the Royal Albert Hall (Karimloo/Boggess/Fraser) - 2 October 2011


Phantom Las Vegas (Crivello/Combs (u/s)/Ragone) - 19 October 2011


Phantom Las Vegas (Bourg (u/s)/Hertzenberg (alt)/Ragone) - 13 April 2012


Phantom Las Vegas (Lackey (u/s)/Hertzenberg (alt)/Ragone) - 26 July 2012


Phantom Las Vegas Finale Week - 30 August - 3 September 2012


Phantom Las Vegas (Crivello/Holden/Ragone) - 2 September 2012


Phantom Broadway (Panaro/Boggess/Barisich) - 26 January 2013


Song Parodies


Opera Garnier (Y.M.C.A.)


Masquerade (Dancing Queen)


Thriller (Thriller)


Film Parodies


Gilles André (Jerry Maguire)


Anchorman of the Opera: Little Lotte (Anchorman)


Anchorman of the Opera: The Point of No Return (Anchorman)


Monty Python and the Angel of Music (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)