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Fine Art
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Erik in Repose   Broadway Classic   The Phantom: Franc D'Ambrosio   San Francisco Montage   Phantom by Candlelight   San Francisco Phenomenon   Franc and Lisa
The Phantom: Saulo Vasconcelos   Tanguero   Solitude   Sweet Seduction   Maria   Duet   The Phantom: Brad Little
Susan Kay's Phantom   Death's Head   Christine: Elizabeth Loyacano   The Phantom: Anthony Crivello   The Phantom: Hugh Panaro   Y/K Phantom: Ramey and Rockwell   The Mirror
The Phantom: Brent Barrett   Broadway Flyer Redux (outside)   Broadway Flyer Redux (inside)   Las Vegas Flyer Redux (outside)   Las Vegas Flyer Redux (inside)   Beautiful Ballerina: Brianne Kelly Morgan   The Lackeys
Phantom Las Vegas 4th Anniversary   The Phantom: Michael Lackey   Christine: Lisa Vroman   Meg: Brianne Kelly Morgan   Music of the Night: Ramin and Sierra   Phantiltom   Christine: Ali Ewoldt